About Learnlangs

Learnlangs.com, the brainchild of Judith Meyer, has been a source for language-learning advice and language-learning materials since 2007, with an interruption in 2016-17 due to server problems. Now I’m bringing the content back online.

About Judith Meyer

Judith Meyer is a Berlin-based polyglot with a particular interest in non-European languages. She speaks 14 languages (watch a demonstration) including Chinese, Modern Greek and Swahili. While completing a MA in Romance Languages and Computational Linguistics, Judith became known as the voice of GermanPod101, contributing also to GreekPod101 and ArabicPod101. After getting her degree, she was head developer of a machine translation prototype, did consulting work for several of the big companies in the language-learning world, created LearnYu (an AI-driven Chinese course), founded the Polyglot Gathering (one of the largest conferences for polyglots and language bloggers) and authored several books.


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