Make Real Progress in 2022!

Are you getting ready to make plans for your language studies in 2022?

As I noticed myself time and time again, it is one thing to have the right materials, it is quite another thing to actually study regularly. And without regular study, there won’t be much progress. So my new invention, LangTracker, will help you design goals and develop better study habits for your languages in 2022, so that your New Year’s resolutions won’t go unfulfilled. You also automatically get some cool visualisations of your studies and notifications when you fall behind.

Check out the video I made about it:

What’s the price of this? I believe that if this tool is the difference between you studying 150 hours in a year and studying 300 hours, i.e. allowing you to make twice as much progress as you normally would in a year and reaching your goal that much faster, it would be worth more than a hundred bucks.

But you don’t know that it will do that, and most people have never made the experience of what language tracking can do for them. So for this year I’m offering the LangTracker to the broad public for an introductory price of 24 EUR ($27).

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Any feedback, just write me at . Wishing you very happy holidays and great success in your language studies!