Review of 2021 and Plans for 2022

So, a new year…

In 2021, my trusty spreadsheet tells me that I studied 588 hours total (not counting hours spent on English or Esperanto because the number would get ridiculous). By language:
321 hours of Modern Greek
150 hours of Serbocroatian
35 hours of Spanish
30 hours of Mandarin
and less hours on various other languages.

588 hours total is better than anytime since 2015, BUT in 2014 I had managed 749 hours and I hope to get back into that range. Ca. two hours per day shouldn’t be that hard…

Also, right now I’m able to have long conversations in Serbocroatian with patient native speakers, but I’m unhappy that speaking it still doesn’t feel as comfortable as speaking French or Modern Greek for example. My spreadsheet tells me that this is because I have only reached 391 hours of study total.

So, new goal: 300 hours of Serbocroatian in 2022 because I am really ready to experience the next level. In exchange, I’m setting my Greek goal to only 150 more hours this year. Apart from that, I want to invest 50 hours into Portuguese LISTENING COMPREHENSION because I’m annoyed that written Portuguese is so easy to understand and spoken Portuguese is totally not (I have not studied any Portuguese before). And 50 hours for Mandarin because I’m rusty. And let’s see what comes up, maybe some Indonesian or a new language in the second half of the year.

Happy 2022 everyone!