Did You Fully Experience the Polyglot Gathering?

The Polyglot Gathering 2015 just ended and I again had a lot of fun organizing it. If you attended the event, here’s a fun non-authoritative checklist I created in order to figure out whether you fully experienced the event 😉 Check off what you did.

Meet someone you only knew online
Imitate some weird sounds
Learn about an unusual language
Quietly add another language to your wishlist
Listen as some polyglots rapidly switch languages
Practise a language you thought “not ready”
Add a bunch of new friends on Facebook
Kiss someone at the Bamba (during jOmO concert)
Dance to a language you don’t recognize
Understand more Esperanto than you thought you would
Pick up so many language materials you have to worry about suitcase size or baggage limit
Find renewed enthusiasm to study more languages
Promise yourself that next year you’ll be better
Re-evaluate whether you can attend the Polyglot Conference in New York (if you aren’t registered yet)
Wonder when registration will start for the next Gathering


Thank you for coming! The participants are what makes this conference awesome. See you next year! <3