Improve Your German Through Videos

I’ve recently discovered that there is a LOT of German TV available online – and not just as live stream either. Here are some selections that intermediate to advanced learners of Germans might find interesting…


15 minute news overview (watching Tagesschau before the movies is a tradition for many households)
Stock market

Magazines & Advice Columns

Cars & Traffic
Home & Garden
Internet (tips & tricks)
Culture magazine
Science magazine
Religious Messages (alternating weekly between Protestant and Catholic speakers)

Courses / Lectures

Beginner’s Cooking Course
Astronomy & astrophysics – explained in everyday German
Knowledge for kids
Biology for kids – much-acclaimed cartoon series
History for kids – much-acclaimed cartoon series

Documentaries & Expert discussion rounds

Traveling around the World
Animals around the World
Bundestag – live and archived video from the German parliament
Political discussions
More political discussions
Social discussions
On media – how reporting works in unfree places, the relation of media & politics/economy etc.
Various discussions
Various documentaries – a lot of surprising topics


Türkisch für Anfänger – modern soap, transcripts and translations available
Tatort – the most popular German detective series
Lindenstraße – Germany’s longest-running soap opera
Verliebt in Berlin – telenovela
Jim Knopf – beloved old-style kids’ story, all done with marionettes
Naruto – an example of translated anime
Court show

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a starting point for those who wouldn’t know what to search for. Enjoy!

Please let me know if you can’t open any of these videos – some might be geographically limited – or if any infringe on copyright. From what I can see, they were all uploaded by the producers or TV stations themselves.