Increasing Productive Language Hours

I’ve tried many to-do lists, dont-break-the-chain, habit builders and so on, but
a) They were all boring
b) They didn’t support all the things I need to track, only one or two types of tasks / habits.

Since I freelance and have a lot of time to waste every day, I want something that lists everything: things I need to do today, deadlines coming up next week, productivity goals I want to meet every day, non-daily habits I want to encourage… and it should be fun to strike things off the list (without preventing recurrence).

I FOUND IT! is perfect for me. I must say that I never play RPGs, so I was sceptical at first, but it turns out that by “RPG” they mostly mean that completing tasks makes little bars go up in a very satisfying way and it gives you gold to spend on rewards you can define for yourself (Great idea! I deserve some cake now). Also, if you fail to complete daily tasks or do bad things, you lose health, so you get feedback on that as well. The incentives are all silly and virtual, and you can obviously cheat by awarding yourself points for tasks you didn’t do, but for me it works.

It’s open-source and free. The only downside is that it’s currently not possible to use the site on an iPhone, so when I traveled, I set myself as on vacation – probably a good idea anyway, as the regular tasks don’t apply.

Give HabitRPG a try!