Who I am

My name is Judith Meyer, I’m a 31-year-old German polyglot living in Berlin with my American boyfriend, Chuck Smith. I originally come from Kamp-Lintfort, a small town near Düsseldorf in the west of Germany, but I’ve been living in Berlin since March 2008 and I absolutely love this city!

That's me, Judith Meyer

I have a huge interest in languages (how I learned my languages), programming, politics, methods of learning and teaching. I graduated from Duisburg-Essen University with a Magister degree in Romance Languages, Computational Linguistics and Marketing.

While studying, I used to tutor people in German, Latin and Esperanto over the internet, occasionally also French or English. I also worked as the project manager / lesson developer of GermanPod101.com and supervised lesson creation for Myngle.com.

Since graduating, I’ve been working as a freelance Ruby on Rails developer, creating several social networks and one machine translation system, as well as CAT-enabled backends for translators. I’m now working on my own startup, LearnYu.com, and I organize the annual Polyglot Gathering.

I have also released several books: Learn to Read Arabic, Fluent Chinese: the complete plan from beginner to advanced, 72 Ways to Learn Spanish for Free, 72 Ways to Learn German for Free, 72 Ways to Learn French for Free and 72 Ways to Learn Japanese for Free.

In my free time, I like to learn languages, talk about history, society and politics, answer questions on Quora and play the ancient Asian game of Go.

Write me if you have something interesting to share!