Where is Esperanto Spoken?

(A video I created)

Where is Esperanto spoken?
Short answer: All around the world. Long answer: All the countries that are in this video have a national Esperanto organization. A national organization is a hub for all local and regional groups.

Pictures licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike 2.0 from Wikimedia Commons.

All of the song excerpts are sung in Esperanto. In order of appearance:
Dolchamar (Finland) – Ĉu vi pretas?
JoMo (France) – Al la barikadoj; Marusja
Natalija Kasimova (Tajikistan) – Mia flor’
Yang Weijia (China) – Mi venas de step’
Afrika Espero (Congo) – La hom-maŝino
Merlin (Brazil) – Por la mondo

This video can be found on Youtube in my channel.